More People Need You Than You Think


Today’s episode is all about flipping your perspective upside-down and leaving you empowered to find more customers to build your dream(s) and wealth. Get ready…

“There are more people out there who need you more than you need them.”

Here’s two reasons why I love this statement so much.

1. There are plenty of people that need what you have to sell whether it’s a product, service, talent etc.
2. You don’t need anyone, however, you can desire people to partake in what you have to offer. Saying you need something comes from a place of lack, and we know that we don’t operate from that place, right?

We all have individual talents and abilities and we need to share them. Sure, there may be someone else or another company who’s doing something similar, but they’re not YOU. So before you let your inner dialogue run away with phrases of lack (I’m not good enough; no one wants what I have to offer etc.), realize that there are 7 billion possible takers in this world… The odds are clearly in your favor.

“There is more than enough to go around.”

Isn’t that empowering to think that there’s just people who haven’t found you yet? But don’t get lazy… it’s still your no. 1 job to find these people. Do the work, outreach, marketing and whatever else you need to do to make it happen.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why people need you more than you think
  • Why it’s your job to find these people
  • Banishing the negative self-talk around your skill, product etc.

Resources Mentioned:

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