Simplify Getting More Clients with Dan Kuschell


Today’s conversation with serial entrepreneur, Dan Kuschell, has to be one of the most value-packed episodes I’ve had to date. Not only does he take us through his childhood journey and the money mindset that went along with it, but he shares what initially got him hooked on self-development and as a result, propelled him into his crazy successful career today.

Having started 11+ business along the way, Dan is completely transparent sharing that his path has been far from perfect with struggles along the way, but he’s grateful for each as he’s always learned from them.

With so many actionable tips, stories and takeaways, this episode is going to blow your mind and possibly help you acquire more clients – and more success! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Question Highlights:
• What’s your favorite quote?
• What’s one of your superpowers?
• What’s one thing you’re afraid of?
• What’s one of your favorite accomplishments?
• Was the personal development book your dad gave you at age 10 ahead of its time, and did it shape what you do today?
• What was the first business you started?
• What did network marketing teach you?
• How did you work through your scarcity issues in order to become as successful as you are today?
• Earlier you said that you help clients simplify their process of attaining clients…can you walk us through that?
• When you worked with T. Harv Ecker, what was one of the biggest lessons you learned from him?

Dan’s Thoughts…

“The to-do list is one thing, the not-to-do list is more important, the not-now list is important, but more importantly it’s about enjoying these kinds of moments – even the struggles.”

“It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, it just matters where you want to go today.”

“When you actually niche down, you attract more people.”

“The harder I chased money, the further it actually got away from me.”

Dan is a husband, dad, serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He’s the co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Breakthrough3X. He helps business owners like you connect the dots, see the blindspots, and get unstuck, by helping you implement unique sales and marketing systems so you get more clients, growth, and profits and have a bigger impact, reach, and contribution.

With over 25 years of business experience, he’s started 11+ companies, coached over 5,329 business owners from over 180 niche industries, 9 countries, and had clients and partners like Joe Polish, Dean Graziosi, Genius Network, and more. He’s bought and sold multiple companies, is a regular media contributor, hosts his own radio show, and has been a guest featured on multiple TV, radio, print, and online publications such as ESPN, NBC, Speed, Thrive, Huffington Post, and more.

He was recently rated as one of the top 25 Influencers by Influencive and his podcast was recommended for Ultra Lean Businesses in Forbes.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Dan’s first exposure to self-development
  • What sports taught Dan about failure and making adjustments in life/business
  • Breaking old habits and belief systems to stretch us to be the very best of ourselves
  • Dan’s insecurity about his smile and how he overcame it
  • Abundance vs. scarcity
  • The things you need for a successful business
  • Why you should consider the BOTE framework for your clients
  • How the right offer either convinces or compels people
  • The differences between selling and buying cultures
  • Four questions to help you tap into a niche market
  • Dan’s clients’ success stories and strategies
  • The secret to success
  • How Dan let go of his financial goals and focused on being a human
  • Dan’s three daily grounding questions

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