When is Enough, Enough?


Have you ever heard the question, “When is enough, enough?” It’s a question I’ve gotten before and I totally understand why people ask it, but I’ll be honest…I don’t like it. The question instantly makes me feel judged even though it’s generally someone’s curiosity about what drives you. But the more people ask the question, the more you start to question yourself. Am I working too much?

Lori and I talked about this very question the other day on our 10-mile walk. Yes, it’s a long walk, but it’s a great way for us to connect and also hash out questions/issues like this one. So we determined that for many, the answer is no, it will never be enough. And it’s because that particular person is geared to keep going and it’s that drive that keeps them motivated.

“If we lost our ambition to create abundance, there’d be no extra abundance to share.”

I want you to think of all the good things being done in this world right now – a great majority of it is from people who have an abundance. Imagine if this “well” dried up? Where would the world be without the high performers/financial contributors of the world? It’s these people who were given the responsibility of creating an excess of abundance.

“Not everybody has been given the same-sized assignments in this life.”

This really is a beautiful thing. We were all given different wiring, different drivers and different purposes. If people don’t understand where you get your drive from, it’s not their fault – they’re simply not wired that way.

“Some people are called to organize and solve great causes – and some people are called to fund those missions.”

We all have our role. So maybe you’re not creating the amount of financial abundance as others, but what other type of abundance are you contributing that another couldn’t? I know personally, it will never be enough. Not until no one is starving, everyone receives an outstanding education, everyone is healthy, the world lives in peace and all natural resources are guaranteed to never run out.

So go out there, continue to be unapologetic about your drive and do great things.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • When enough is enough or why it’s not
  • How we are all driven by different things
  • Why people don’t seem to understand when people don’t feel like it’s “enough”

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