Should You Act As If…or Not?


You’ve all heard the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it,” but lately there’s been a lot of talk that by doing so you’re being inauthentic. Why act like something we’re not and be who we really are in the moment? Well, I beg to differ and am a huge supporter of acting as if. Here’s my reasoning…

“When you act as if, you are literally taking the actions that the person you want to become is already taking.”

Acting as if is THE shortcut to getting you where you want to be. It also helps attract the right people and opportunities into your life and business. So yes, fake it ‘til you make and act as if because what you’re portraying is already in you, you’re just nudging it to come out a little sooner. It doesn’t change you at the core.

Tough-love truth, nobody wants to do business with someone who isn’t already acting as though their product is the biggest thing since sliced bread – unless YOU are acting as though it is. It’s not inauthentic, it’s actually more authentic because you truly believe in what you’re doing.

“Acting as if is just getting into the energy of the person who’s already there.”

It’s all about showing yourself (and often others) who you’re about to become – even though you’re not quite there yet. Because I believe that someday it’s that energy that will help you become who you were meant to become. And why not take that shortcut to get there just a little quicker?

What ways will you start “acting as if” this week to help propel your success forward?

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The idea of “fake it ‘til you make it” and whether or not it’s unauthentic
  • Acting as if you’re already who you want to become
  • Getting into the energy of the person who’s already there

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