Sales, Leadership, Confidence, and Cocaine with Zach Slobin


I am stoked to finally be able to have my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Zach Slobin, on since he hit the 7-figure mark. He’s one of the most well-studied and philosophical people I know and I’ve had many a conversation with him about business and life – and now he gets to share his knowledge with you.

While a huge proponent of networking now, initially Zach was against it after seeing his father’s experience with it. But after a few different failed attempts (and some epic low points that included drugs and being broke), he turned it around to become a go-to source for sales and marketing advice.

I have a feeling this conversation will spark breakthroughs for a lot of listeners. With some invaluable truths and knowledge bombs on human potential, Zach helps us all see that we are all meant for something greater and to live a life of abundance.

Question Highlights:
• What’s one of your superpowers?
• What is one regret you have?
• What’s one of your favorite accomplishments so far?
• What is a belief you’re questioning now?
• How did you get into the network marketing industry?
• How did you view money when your parents divorced?
• What do you see in network marketing that makes you so confident about it and what do you like so much about it?
• How do you help people get beyond fear-based thoughts?
• How did you cope with your low points?
• What makes you such an effective leader?
• Why are you so open and generous with your leadership?
• Why do people have such limiting beliefs around money mindset?
• What are you not taking action on but you soon you will be?

Zach’s Thoughts…

“Money doesn’t make or break who you are as a person, but it can certainly impact the ways in which you experience life.”

“People tend to see a reflection in your big moves as a reflection of their small moves.”

“If you weren’t meant for something greater, you wouldn’t have survived that one thing that you thought would kill you.”

“The best networkers in the world are the best storytellers.”

“We are all financially tied together.”

“Sales is merely an elegant conversation to help people get to an end result from which they can benefit.”

“I will choose self-reflection over arrogance and ego every day of the week.”

“You can either own your limitations or you can own your life.”

Madly in love with his wife. Natural philosopher. And producer of his own life.

These three things pretty much sum up Zach Slobin and his insatiable desire to knock, question the everyday rules and then bend life to create massive freedom, joy, and abundance.

After weathering life’s natural ups and downs, being lost in “finding his purpose,” and navigating through the inevitable entrepreneurial storms, he can tell you the stories of hitting several physical, emotional, spiritual and financial bottoms.

He’s the athlete who almost went pro, but severe injuries kept him from his dream.

He’s the top guy who walked away from a good corporate job (and the money), because it was suffocating.

He’s the man who wouldn’t settle until he found his soulmate.
And he’s the entrepreneur who was so committed to excellence, he created financial freedom at just 34 years of age.

Grateful for the lessons all the losses have taught him, one thing is for sure–he can show you how you to play the game of life and win it.

As a Master Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Zach’s greatest thrill in life is showing people how to go from where they are to where they deserve to be by removing the BS lies they tell themselves, so they can be, do and have ANYTHING they desire.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How Zach got into network marketing and why he is a huge proponent of it
  • How Zach coped with his life’s lowest points of being broke and regular drug use
  • Finding the gift in your struggles
  • What makes Zach such an effective leader
  • Why Zach’s such a believer in human potential
  • Why we are all financially tied together
  • The real reasons that people are scared to speak their message to others
  • Why sales is so necessary
  • Why money is just an energy
  • Zach’s relationship with money
  • Trusting the process vs. going with the flow
  • And so much more…

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