Are You Doing This For Others?


Today’s podcast is about something really important, and whether you realize you’re doing it or not.

Are you lifting others up or are you accidentally holding them back?

Here’s what I mean… Let’s say you have a friend who just released a podcast. You’ve always told them you support them, but are truly showing it with your actions? Are you sharing their podcast on social media and to your others friends? Are you listening to the episodes and commenting? If you’re not doing those things, I’m not saying you’re intentionally withholding that type of support, but actions speak way louder than words in terms of lifting someone else up. It also tends to correlate how they lift you up when you need it.

“What you do on a regular basis is going to be done to you.”

Maybe you feel like certain people have “enough” supporters. (Hint: You can never have too many supporters.) The more action you take to support on the behalf of others, the more action they’ll make in return. It’s an amazing natural energy exchange!

“Lifting people up is always an action.”

So next time you have a friend who’s excited about something, releases a new product etc., go out of your way to support them through some action. And when you do, you’ll find that not only are you not holding them back, you’re propelling them toward their dreams. And in turn that helps you get closer to yours.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How people unintentionally hold others back
  • Why you can never have too many supporters
  • Lifting people up in an actionable way

Resources Mentioned:

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