The #1 Reason Businesses Don’t Get Started (and What to Do!)


I cannot believe these days how many business ideas I hear on a daily basis. And I’m talking epic, game-changing ideas that could make millions of dollars. But here’s the thing, the people with the ideas aren’t bringing them to fruition. So today, we’re going to dive in and talk about the No. 1 reason why these businesses don’t get started.

And the No. 1 reason is…lack of follow-through. Yes, such a simple concept, especially when we have access to countless resources to make it happen. It’s not a saturated market (really for anything), there is a wealth of resources and mentors are everywhere. And let’s not forget – there is no shortage of great ideas. But there are multiple reasons why the follow-through isn’t happening.

“Virtual homeruns are stuck on someone’s shelf in their heads behind fears.”

Fear of failure, rejection, success, hard work etc. are all BS reasons that are given. It’s not that we’re too busy, it’s that we’re choosing the wrong things to focus on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m calling myself out on all this too. We’ve all done it at one time or another. We all have good intentions, but we must choose to take action.

“Business doesn’t reward good intentions, business rewards good actions – and lots of them.”

So how can you get your idea out there? Below are five steps that will get you started:
1. Seek a mentor. There are so many out there if you look. But if you can’t, books count, too!
2. List out your exact five next steps in order to gain momentum on your idea. Be specific, but only tackle one at a time.
3. Tell everyone about it – social media, word of mouth, skywriting – everyone!
4. Line up the money for it. It’s usually less than you think you’ll need.
5. Set deadlines. This is crucial to following through. Besides, you can’t hit something without aiming, right?

The beauty of these five steps is that anyone can do them – they just require action. What’s your next step to getting that epic idea out into the world? I can’t wait to see!

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why so many people haven’t started their businesses
  • Why lack of follow-through is killing your multi-million-dollar business
  • Five steps that will help you get your ideas out there

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