HGTV’s Jessie Rodriguez on His Comeback Story


The name of my guest today may sound familiar as Jessie Rodriguez is one of the stars of HGTV’s Vintage Flip along with his wife. Not only are the houses he flips fantastic, but it’s no wonder the show is such a success – he radiates positivity and has a hard work ethic to match it.

We cover so many different topics from his financial rock bottom when the market crashed to earning it all back and much more, plus investments and how generosity is a non-negotiable in his life. Our conversation is proof that Jessie and his family are living their lives to the fullest – and I hope it spurs you to do the same.

Question Highlights:
• What’s one of your superpowers?
• What is one regret you have?
• Who is someone who has changed your life?
• What is your show Vintage Flip about?
• How different are you and your wife in person compared to how the show portrays you?
• What was your first surprise in the TV world?
• How do you handle criticism?
• How do you and your wife make it work as a successful couple in business?
• When you were losing everything, what was the hardest part?
• How did you view money growing up? Today?
• Who do you look up to for advice?

Jessie’s Thoughts…

“Make your haters love and respect you.”

“We found balance by bringing in other players to help us.”

“What’s going to define you is how you recover from this, not that you went through it.”

“I don’t want to survive the next down-turn, I want to capitalize on it.”

“The ability to give, sacrifice and see the result makes you want to do more.”

“As long as you’re helping, you’re getting it back.”

Jessie and Tina Rodriguez are the husband and wife duo starring in the HGTV series VINTAGE FLIP.

On VINTAGE FLIP, the couple set out to find commercial office movers, fix and flip vintage homes, restoring them back to their glory days while modernizing them to meet the needs of today. Each episode takes viewers from the initial process of scouting potential flips through ultimately putting the restored home on the market.

Jessie and Tina have long ran Cal American Homes — a successful full-service real estate sales, construction and design firm out of Claremont, CA. Cal American Homes was named one of the fastest-growing small businesses in America by Inc. Magazine in 2012; the same year Jessie was honored as one of the National Association of Realtors’ “30 Under 30.” Since 2008, Jessie has sold more than 2,000 homes and flipped more than 500 with no signs of slowing down.

The married couple live in Southern California with their three sons.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How Jessie and his wife got their show on HGTV
  • What it looks like behind the scenes of Vintage Flip
  • What role social media plays and how he deals with the haters
  • How Jessie and his wife compartmentalize and balance their tasks working together
  • How he lost everything and got it all back and more
  • Property investments
  • The role generosity plays in his life and business

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