What No One Ever Shares About Becoming Successful with Chris and Lori Harder


Yes, back by popular demand, I’ve got my wife, Lori, back on For the Love of Money to talk about the things that no one tells you about becoming successful. And we’re also so excited to share our new life course, Aligned! Admittedly, we’re still a work in progress, however we’re teaching you everything we’ve learned thus far in the areas of life, relationships and financial abundance.

Tune in to hear how we’re navigating the busiest time of our lives and what that actually looks like – from scheduling and regular crying fests to reframing and stay connected to our why.


“The more people you reach, the more you’re going to make.”

“Transcending your current tribe is the hardest thing you can do and it’s why people can’t transcend to that next level of success.”

“Be uncertain and choose to move through it.”

“The biggest limiting belief is that it’s supposed to feel good all the time.”

“It costs less than you think to get started and more than you think to keep going.”

“When you don’t have a plan, you’re never going to hit it.”

“Follow the soul nudges. Have full-time faith. Leap. Know that the free fall is coming. Support yourself.”

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Chris and Lori’s new life course, Aligned
  • The Law of Income and making it work in your favor
  • Struggles in relationships upon becoming successful
  • Why it’s important to find a tribe of like-minded group of people
  • What it feels like when you’re not being fully YOU
  • Finding the right people/team to support you
  • The emotional rollercoaster of success
  • Reframing thoughts and remembering your why
  • Full-time faith
  • Why it’s our obligation to share our gifts and step into our highest calling
  • And much more…

Resources Mentioned:

  • BecomeAligned.com – Sign up by midnight, March 28, 2018, and you’ll receive a bonus 9 weeks of live group coaching plus a free ticket for the live Aligned event taking place in Fall 2019 in California.

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