Creating A Life You Never Want To Retire From With Dan Martell


Dan Martell is an award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author on a mission to change the way we think about launching and scaling businesses. In our conversation, we talk about how to spend more time doing what you love and making money while doing it. 

Not only do we touch on Dan’s game-changing ‘buyback principle’ and his formula for calculating your hourly rate as an entrepreneur, but he also gets real about what his fear of failure cost him. He shares an incredible story about how he rerouted his life as a troubled teenager and the influence a compassionate prison guard had on his life. Listen in to hear more of Dan’s story and his unique approach to building successful companies. 


Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

(1:12) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show. Today, Chris is joined by Dan Martell. 

(3:24) Chris asks Dan, “I want to open by asking you about a prison guard named Brian. He had a profound effect on your life. Tell me about this man named Brian and what happened?”

(9:17) Chris asks Dan, “Do you think you would have had any shot, any trajectory, any other intervention that would have put you on the path that you’re on today without Brian?”

(12:05) Chris asks Dan, “Have you ever tried to seek him out and let them know the difference that he made in your life?”

(14:03) Chris asks Dan, “Give us an example of how you work hard to pay that back to other people now?”

(19:52) Chris asks Dan, “Why should people just put their cards on the table and shed that fear of being vulnerable?”

(25:00) Chris asks Dan, “Where did becoming an expert in living the life you were gifted come from?”

(30:02) Chris asks Dan, “Expand more on the buyback philosophy.” 

(36:24) Chris asks Dan, “What’s the buyback rate? How do we figure that out?

(43:36) Chris asks Dan, “Where’s the best place for everybody to go get this book?”

(45:46) Chris asks Dan, “Do you have any closing words?”

(47:32) Chris asks listeners to share the podcast and leave a 5-star review. 

I learned a long time
ago that you can only
keep what you give
away. So I give away my
story, my sobriety, and
my inspiration, because
that's why I'm here.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The profound effect of spreading kindness and acknowledging when people go above and beyond
  • Overcoming the fear of being vulnerable and sharing your journey  
  • Recognizing when you create chaos to sabotage your success 
  • How to intentionally and effectively fill your calendar as an entrepreneur
  • The easiest way to know exactly which tasks you should outsource

Resources Mentioned:

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