How To Boost Instagram Engagement With Social Media Expert Chalene Johnson


One of our goals for this year is to be more intentional and consistent with posting on Instagram. Our friend Chalene Johnson is the absolute master of organic growth and engagement on social media, so we recently sat down with her to get all her top tips. Chelene shares industry insight into how to get more followers to watch your stories, what to do if you want to monetize your page, and how to create content that actually impacts your community. 

We cut through all the generic advice in this episode and really get into what works. If you want to take it a step further, check out our upcoming free social media webinar:


Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

(1:02) Welcome back to another of The Chris Harder Show. Today, Chris and Lori are joined by Chalene Johnson. 

(4:20) Chalene asks Chris, “When you say you want your social media to blow up, what does that mean for you?”

(4:47) Chalene asks Chris, “Do you know what percentage of your followers are watching your content?”

(11:25) Chris asks Chalene, “What should we be measuring?”

(12:54) Lori asks Chalene, “Do we let go of those quick hits? Do we try to keep our identity all in one?”

(16:52) Chris asks Chalene, “If being known for one thing is what grows your audience, isn’t that also what would re-engage them?”

(18:11) Chris asks Chalene, “What should people be looking at in order to monetize social media?” 

(25:41) Lori asks Chalene, “Can you tell me a little bit about what’s involved in the webinar?” 

(31:20) Chris asks Chalene, “Should we have the attitude of ‘it’s a little tougher right now than it’s been in the past’? Or should we have the attitude of, ‘there’s always a way, let’s just learn what that way is so that we can be just as successful as we always have’?”

Instead of focusing on
a number of new
followers, what can
you do to really serve
the people who are
already following

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How to take advantage of the current Instagram algorithm 
  • Chalene’s #1 tip for people who want to grow their audience 
  • The different strategies between main feed posts, stories, and reels 
  • What to do if you’re sales and affiliate marketing links have slowed down 
  • Why Chalene purposely leaves information off her stories and captions 
  • An Instagram stories hack to double (or even triple) your views 

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