4 Steps To Become Financially Free


I know transforming your financial reality can feel overwhelming, but it’s actually more simple than you might think. My motto is ‘control what you can control,’ or in other words, start slow and try strategies that are slightly outside of your comfort zone to build up game-changing habits. 

Don’t know where to start with investing? Open a high-yield savings account instead. Want to pay your credit card down? Try to go 30 days without using it. When you strip it down to the basics, it’s easier to get on track with your financial goals.


Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

(1:22) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show.

(2:45) Chris reveals his motto for getting started with chasing financial goals: Control what you can control.  

(3:40) Tip #1: Commit to reducing your monthly expenses by a certain percentage.  

(4:47) Tip #2: Challenge yourself to not use your credit card for a certain period of time. 

(5:55) Tip #3: Introduce another small stream of income.  

(8:18) Tip #4: Set up automatic deposits into an investment or savings account. 

(11:48) Chris asks listeners to share the podcast and leave a 5-star review. 

You don't have to have
a massive financial
education and start
with changing
everything in your life.
Just control what you
can control.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Tools to rein in any unnecessary or unconscious spending 
  • How to start increasing your investment risk tolerance 
  • Examples of ways to increase your monthly savings margin 
  • Why it’s so important to start doing something instead of nothing when it comes to your financial future 

Resources Mentioned:

  • Wealthfront 
  • Text DAILY to 310-421-0416 to get daily Money Mantras or Business Perspective messages to boost your day.