Achieve Your Dreams FASTER With Proximity


I recently got a great question from a listener that I wanted to address on the show because it’s something that I’m really passionate about. She asked if proximity matters, and my answer is absolutely, yes. 

Proximity is the shortcut to getting where you want to go. For Lori and I, it required moving to a more connected city, stretching ourselves to live in wealthier neighborhoods, and joining luxury gyms to meet the people who were going to help boost our professional network and increase our reach. Proximity isn’t the only thing that matters, but without a doubt, it will make the journey a lot faster and easier. 


( 1:00 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show. Today, Chris is talking about why proximity matters. 

( 2:08 ) Chris says, “Proximity is the shortcut. Proximity is what helps your rocket ship go to space faster. Proximity is what saves you a lot of work and a lot of trouble.”

( 3:05 ) Chris says, “When you’re surrounded by living, breathing, walking examples doing what you want to be doing, that’s when everything gets easier.”

( 3:57 ) Chris looks back on the time when he and Lori chose the smallest, cheapest unit in an expensive building. 

( 6:35 ) Chris illustrates how being around successful people starts to have a ripple effect in your own life. 

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Proximity is the
shortcut. Proximity
is what saves you
a lot of work
and a lot
of trouble.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why your environment matters 
  • The energy shift that happens when you’re around high achievers 
  • Creative ways to get in rooms with like-minded people 
  • The story behind why Lori and I chose the smallest, cheapest condo in a wealthy building when we were starting over from scratch 

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