Ways To Incorporate Manifestation Into Your Daily Routine


The common thread between our happiest, wealthiest, and most successful friends is that they all have a daily manifestation or visualization practice. Lori and I find it so important to set a target every single day and stay consistent with action steps that align with those big dreams. I break down both the woo-woo and logical side of manifestation and Lori explains why you need to really tune into your truth to make this practice work. Plus, we share a simple way to incorporate it into your routine and track progress. 


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( 1:10 ) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of The Chris Harder Show.

( 1:51 ) Chris and Lori talk about needing range in their lives. 

( 2:39 ) Chris and Lori look back on their vision boards. 

( 3:47 ) Chris talks about manifestation from a spiritual and logical perspective. 

( 7:41 ) Chris says, “Our happiest, wealthiest, most famous, most successful friends all believe in manifestation or visualization and they all have a daily practice around it.”

( 8:43 ) Lori touches on some of the neuroscience behind manifestation. 

It's plugging in a
destination to your
brain. So once
you have that
destination plugged
into your brain,
you're going to
start looking for
all of the things
without even
realizing it.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Our New Year’s Eve vision board tradition 
  • Recognizing the energetic and logical things happening behind-the-scenes in your life 
  • Staying focused on the things you want to attract in instead of the things you want to keep out
  • Our message to anyone who’s on the fence about manifestation 

Resources Mentioned:

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