Taking Ownership Of Your Life’s Path With Eric Thomas


Eric Thomas is one of the most sought after motivational speakers out there––I mean, he is up there with Tony Robbins––so Lori and I are thrilled to speak with him today. Eric was homeless for two years of his life, during which time he realized he needed to stop putting what he wants in the hands of others, and take ownership to achieve his dreams. He shares about what he feels his mission is today and who he is here to serve, what he recommends you do when you’re feeling stuck and the most stand-out lessons for readers to take away from his book, You Owe You: Ignite Your Power, Your Purpose, and Your Why. Our favorite thing Eric touches on, however, are his thoughts on combining average skills with phenomenal will.

Lori and I are giving away a copy of Eric’s book to the first 50 listeners who tag Eric (@etthehiphoppreacher), Lori (@loriharder) and myself (@chriswharder) on Instagram sharing their biggest breakthrough from the episode.

Episode Highlights:

( xx ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show. Chris is joined Lori to co-host Eric Thomas on today’s episode. 

( 3:40 ) Eric joins the conversation. 

( 5:15 ) Chris asks Eric, “As you stand today, what do you feel your mission is and what are you here to serve?”

( 9:33 ) Lori asks Eric, “What are some of the big disadvantages that you’ve turned into advantages, but also, how did you create this unshakeable belief system that your disadvantages can be your advantages?”

( 13:58 ) Chris asks Eric, “What tips do you have for couples and individuals out there that might be afraid of what’s coming up in the economy?”

( 19:18 ) Lori asks Eric, “What actions do you recommend people can take right away to get outside of their own head or funk? What do you say to those people who just say, ‘I’m stuck’”.

( 29:09 ) Chris asks Eric, “You speak to such a wide range of different people. In that range, is one group more important to speak to than the other and why?”

I’m not focusing
on what can
stop me, I’m
focusing on what
can help me.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How to shift your belief system to see disadvantages as advantages
  • Eric’s tips for people who are feeling uneasy about the future of the economy
  • How to own what you want in life
  • Which audiences Eric feels are the most important to speak to right now
  • Why it’s important to lead your life as our authentic self
  • How Eric uses faith when he feels at his lowest

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