How To Choose To Believe There Is Always A Solution


No matter what you’re facing, what your uphill battle is, or what you’re afraid of, we promise that there are always solutions out there一you just haven’t found them yet. Lori and I have been reflecting on all the times that we thought we had hit a dead end, but came up with a bold alternative by changing up our mindset or environment. We can’t guarantee that you’ll like the solution or it’ll be easy, but you’ll unlock power and resilience that you didn’t even know existed  inside of you. 



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( 1:08 ) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of The Chris Harder Show.

( 1:44 ) Chris and Lori are reflecting on all the times that they thought we had hit a dead end, and came through with solutions that they couldn’t see at first.

( 2:12 ) Lori says, “We have to step outside of our bubble and we have to go find a new network in order to find these new decisions that we need to be making.”

( 3:23 ) Chris says, “You don’t have to like the solution, you just have to like that it’ll solve your problem.” 

( 3:55 ) Chris shares an example of how this concept is showing up in his food choices right now. 

( 5:16 ) Lori says, “I’m thinking of the times when the solution actually is a pivot, and sometimes that’s the hardest thing to figure out.”

( 6:25 ) Chris says, “Too many people choose unsolved, but comfortable instead of uncomfortable and solved.”

( 7:27 ) Lori and Chris thank listeners for sharing their show on Instagram. 

You’ve got to make
big bold moves
if you really
need a big
bold solution

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Choosing to believe that there’s always a way through whatever challenge you’re facing 
  • Accepting that you don’t have to like the solution, you just have to like that it’ll solve your problem 
  • Examples of how this is showing up in our lives and businesses right now 
  • The reality of what it means to pivot

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