The #1 Secret To Social Media Monetization With Ariel Carr


I’m joined by Ariel Carr, a social media monetization powerhouse, to discuss everything from growth strategy, online sales tactics, and what’s going on with TikTok right now. She shares her secrets to finding success in the e-book industry, including exactly what topics, lengths, and price points are selling right now. 

She expands on why she’s so passionate about teaching people how to create multiple streams of income and highlights some of her clients who have transformed their lives by monetizing their social media. I also ask her about the takeaways she has from two failed business launches and what she has planned for the future of her consulting and coaching venture. 



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( 1:11 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show. Today, Chris is joined by Ariel Carr to talk about social media monetization strategy. 

( 3:04 ) Ariel joins the conversation. 

( 3:40 ) Chris asks Ariel, “How has your work life changed since having these two beautiful girls?”

( 4:38 ) Chris asks Ariel, “Give me an example of something you used to do that you think you’ll do differently now that you have kids that will still deliver you great business results.”

( 6:39 ) Chris asks Ariel, “You went from starting your business page to making 100 grand your first 90 days and 500 grand in your first 12 months. Is this something that other people can do? Or do they have to have some kind of special IT factor?”

( 7:58 ) Chris asks Ariel, “Right before this, what were you doing?”

( 8:52 ) Chris asks Ariel, “What was your first ebook?”

( 9:05 ) Chris asks Ariel, “I feel like Instagram is lethargic to grow, especially compared to TikTok. How can people grow right now today?”

( 10:49 ) Chris asks Ariel, “You show your life in a very aspirational way. Talk to me about where that plays out in marketing in your plan and how that drives customers too.”

( 11:36 ) Chris asks Ariel, “What products should people be monetizing out of the gate?”

( 12:32 ) Chris asks Ariel, “What’s the secret to really getting an e-book that’s gonna go?”

( 13:20 ) Chris asks Ariel, “What’s the perfect length for your book? What’s the perfect price right now?”

( 14:09 ) Chris asks Ariel, “Where in this process does it seem to fall apart for people who try it?”

( 16:02 ) Chris asks Ariel, “Any other tips from being good at sales without actually selling?”

( 17:00 ) Chris asks Ariel, “You’re really passionate about teaching people that in this day and age, they better have multiple sources of income. Would you expand on that?”

( 20:14 ) Chris asks Ariel, “Talk to me about TikTok. Are you migrating that way? Should we be migrating that way? What’s the future?”

( 22:04 ) Chris asks Ariel, “Where are you taking this thing?”

( 24:34 ) Chris asks Ariel, “Now that you’ve been so successful over the past couple of years, how has it allowed you to make other people’s lives around you a little bit better?”

( 26:58 ) Chris asks Ariel, “Have you ever experienced impostor syndrome?”

( 27:32 ) Chris asks Ariel, “What did you take away from those two failed businesses that you use to succeed today?

( 28:40 ) Chris asks Ariel, “Where can we find you? And you got kind of a cool freebie to help people out. What is it?”

( 29:31 ) Chris asks Ariel, “For people that are scared, how can they move forward? Why is it worth moving forward? And what should they do?

( 31:00 ) Chris asks listeners to share the podcast and leave a 5-star review. 

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Advice for every online content creator 
  • Current trends and future trajectories of social media 
  • Products that everyone should be monetizing right out of the gate 
  • The most common mistakes Ariel sees when people try to make money from their social media channels 
  • Tips for being effective at sales on social media 
  • The importance of understanding and aligning with your entrepreneurial archetype 

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