Stop Being Afraid Of A Recession!


By definition, a recession is just two quarters in a row of negative growth for the GDP, or gross domestic product. In a healthy economy when the GDP is growing three to five percent, a recession simply means negative growth for six months. There’s so much misinformation and fear mongering around recessions, but the reality is that they’re a self-fulfilling prophecy most of the time. I break down why you don’t need to freeze your spending and stress out about the possibility of an upcoming recession. I explain my approach to recessions, my policy when it comes to building my own micro-economy, and why you should always have 12 months of runway to help you stay afloat in the event of an economic downturn in your industry. 



( 1:14 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show.

( 1:55 ) Chris defines what a recession is. 

( 3:32 ) Chris explains why people are so on-edge about the thought of another recession. 

( 4:45 ) Chris says, “All of those decisions of freezing in your tracks because there might be one coming up, those are actually the things that create a recession.”

( 7:48 ) Chris advises listeners to have 12 months of runway set aside. 

( 9:51 ) Chris says, “Recessions are usually industry specific.”

( 12:10 ) Chris highlights his approach and policy for recessions. 

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Spoiler alert:
it's not an end
to the world. It's
just a slowing
of overall spending.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why I don’t buy into the panic about economic recessions 
  • The cyclical nature of the economy 
  • The reason why ‘08/’09 kicked my butt, and what I’ve done to ensure that won’t happen again 
  • How I’ve made myself recession-proof

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