No Problem Is Too Unique To Solve, Here’s Why!


Whenever you think your problem is unique, that’s when you stop yourself from finding the solution. If you get wrapped up in shame, guilt, or whatever is holding you back from sharing your story, you end up extending that uncomfortable in-between season. 

In this episode, we share examples of when we’ve leaned on our network to work through moments of uncertainty. We’ve never regretted learning from people who have more experience and can help us through challenging times.



(1:07) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of The Chris Harder Show.

(1:53) Chris asks Lori, “What is it like in Arizona? And what switch are you getting in Newport Beach?”

(5:03) Lori says, “Whenever you think your problem is unique, you will stop yourself from finding the solution.”

(8:01) Lori talks about her experience opening up about what she’s struggling with in her business and how amazing it was to get support from the other people attending the mastermind.

(10:55) Chris shares the example of talking about his hair transplant journey. 

(13:01) Lori and Chris talk about why they like to read people’s biographies. 

(14:13) Text the word ROUNDTABLE to 310-421-0416 to learn more about Chris’s upcoming event.

There's so much value
in sharing your
struggle and then
looking for other
people that have had
the exact same one.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Fighting to design the life that gives you everything you want 
  • Where are you trapping yourself in shame? 
  • The value of sharing your struggle 
  • Opening yourself up to receive support from your network

Resources Mentioned:

  • Text me the word ROUNDTABLE to 310-421-0416 if you want to be considered for the very first roundtable VIP business strategy session.