How To Manage Your Money When You’re Single With Anthony O’Neal


On today’s episode, I’m joined by financial expert and Youtuber Anthony O’Neal. Anthony is a #1 national bestselling author and host of the popular financial podcast, The Table. He’s dedicated to teaching others how to obtain spiritual, mental and financial freedom and found his niche in guiding singles on how to maximize their financial power before committing to a relationship. 

Anthony is candid about his own journey to becoming debt-free and the inner work that’s had to take place to stay that way. We talk about how social media impacts our spending, financial literacy challenges that minorities may face and how Anthony is working on closing that gap. He also shares his advice for people in that ‘in-between’ stage of their life and how to gain control over your spending.


Episode Highlights:

( 1:01 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show.

( 1:10 ) Chris gives some background on today’s guest, Anthony O’Neal. 

( 2:55 ) Anthony joins the conversation.  

( 3:31 ) Anthony explains how he got himself into $35,000 in debt at 19 years old. 

( 6:40 ) Chris asks if there was a person or event that inspired him to change his spending habits. 

( 8:50 ) Anthony says that he looked up financial experts online like Dave Ramsey to become more financially literate. 

( 10:12 ) Chris asks how he found purpose and niche in the financial space. 

( 11:19 ) Chris asks Anthony a series of rapid fire questions, starting with debt vs no debt. 

( 13:58 ) Chris asks Anthony if it’s better to buy vs rent? 

( 15:46 ) Chris asks Anthony, “When you first make money, is it better to pay off debt or invest your retirement accounts?”

( 16:41 ) Chris asks Anthony, “What’s the secret to getting rich: increase earning power or be extra frugal?”

( 17:38 ) Chris asks Anthony if it’s better to work for someone else or work for yourself?

( 19:16 ) Anthony explains how social media influences spending patterns and how people manage their money. 

( 21:38 ) Chris asks Anthony to “describe some of the differences around these outside influences that minorities may face that other people don’t have to when it comes to managing their money.” 

( 24:54 ) Chris asks Anthony how he ended up specializing in helping singles maximize their financial power. 

( 26:34 ) Anthony says, “We wonder why 52% of marriages are getting divorced. It’s not just solely because of money. And I think if we really dive deep, it’s because we really didn’t maximize our single season.”

( 29:11) Anthony advises people to have those tough financial conversations before getting into a committed relationship with someone. 

( 30:35 ) Anthony gives details about his newest course. 

( 33:34 ) Chris asks Anthony, “What’s something great that you’ve been able to do now that you’ve been successful?”

( 34:48 ) Chris asks listeners to share the podcast and leave a 5-star review. 

Social media has
definitely played
a huge role in
how we spend
money, how we
see money, and
how it impacts us

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The turning point in Anthony’s life where he knew he needed to get a handle on his debt 
  • Anthony’s perspective on debt vs no debt, buying vs renting and other hot button financial topics 
  • Why Anthony is passionate about educating minorities on money management and wealth building 
  • The importance of getting in the right financial headspace before you get married 
  • When to bring up finances while dating 
  • Anthony’s new course designed to help people build momentum and maximize their season of singleness and every aspect of their lives

Resources Mentioned:

  • The waitlist to sign up for Anthony’s latest course, The Single’s Blueprint: 8 Pillars to maximize your single season, gain clarity on your life’s vision and start building your legacy right now, is open. Sign up HERE. The course will be available for purchase March 1st-10th.
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