How To Successfully Launch A Course With Jill & Josh Stanton


Today, I’m joined by launch strategy experts Josh and Jill Stanton. They’re the powerhouse couple behind Screw the Nine to Five and The Wealthy Course Create, which provide resources for coaches, consultants and course creators who want to profit off their expertise. They have a pay-to-play model that helps attract the right customers, generate higher conversion, and create a repeatable launch model. 

We discuss how they came up with this approach and why it’s so successful. They share their advice for other couples in business together and why it pays to go against the grain as an entrepreneur. Tune in to hear more of our conversation where we talk real numbers and examples of their Paid Launch Formula and how you can get involved for under $100!


Episode Highlights:

( 1:16 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show.

( 1:29 ) Chris gives some background on today’s guests, Josh and Jill Stanton. 

( 3:56 ) Josh and Jill join the conversation. 

( 5:19 ) Chris asks them how they ended up in the Cayman Islands. 

( 7:54 ) Chris asks them if it was an easy decision to move to the Caribbean. 

( 12:24 ) Chris asks them how they made the transition from corporate jobs to being their own bosses. 

( 15:22 ) Jill describes her rock bottom moment with their previous business model. 

( 17:01 ) Chris asks if they have any communication advice for entrepreneurial couples. 

( 19:10 ) Josh says that they’ve delegated one person as the final decision maker.

( 21:57 ) Chris asks, “If you didn’t have your followings, if you didn’t have anything other than your skill set that you have right now, how would you guys start over?” 

( 23:17 ) Josh says, “We’re a business. Let’s act like a business from the very beginning. We need customers.”

( 25:09 ) Josh explains the two principles of their methodology. 

( 27:28 ) Chris asks them to address people’s fear around launching a paid program and where to find an audience if you’re not offering things for free. 

( 32:56 ) Chris asks them to walk listeners through the order of a launch. 

( 35:03 ) Chris asks, “Where do you see people getting tripped up the most so that they can work around it and avoid it and be successful?”

( 38:21 ) Jill says, “You teach the what and the why, and then you move on to your program.”

( 39:43 ) Josh and Jill share client success stories. 

( 42:07 ) Chris asks them to share about the structure of their course and what people can expect when they sign up. 

( 49:16 ) Listeners can go to to sign up for $97. 

( 54:10 ) Chris asks listeners to share the podcast and leave a 5-star review. 

Money is just
the byproduct
of the impact
that you have.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Jill and Josh’s decision to relocate from Canada to the Cayman Islands 
  • How they made the transition from being a cog in someone else’s vision to living an incredible life in places like Thailand, Mexico, and now the Caribbean 
  • Their top tips for entrepreneurial couples 
  • How they’re rethinking the follower-to-customer pipeline 
  • Jill’s advice for how to set your ad budget 
  • The two metrics that you should be measuring with marketing 
  • Details about their Paid Launch Formula
  • Josh’s signature scorecard and launch planner 
  • Finding your niche and uncovering what your audience thinks they need the most 
  • Their ‘No Entrepreneur Left Behind’ philosophy

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