How To Incorporate Affiliate Marketing Into Your Strategy With Rexxy Co-Founders


Kelsey Eyers and Lori Lefcourt are the powerhouse duo behind Rexxy, a brilliant and innovative affiliate marketing agency. Kelsey and Lori are both entrepreneurs who saw a major gap in the marketing industry. The old way of paying thousands, sometimes multimillion dollar deals for influencer marketing, isn’t producing the ROI that was once promised. The average social media follower has grown more and more skeptical of influencers who sell any kind of product if the price is right. Kelsey and Lori figured out how to scale authentic, word-of-mouth marketing through affiliate programs. The best and most organic way that you can get out there in front of people is to build a salesforce of your customers who know your brand, love it, and trust you as an owner. We discuss how their approach works, the philosophy behind their Frameworxx Playbook™, and how business owners can customize and launch their own affiliate program right now.


Episode Highlights:

( 1:10 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show. Chris is joined by Kelsey Eyers and Lori Lefcourt on today’s episode. 

( 2:48 ) Kelsey and Lori join the conversation. 

( 3:43 ) Chris asks Kelsey and Lori, “Why don’t we start with how the three of us know each other?”

( 5:13 ) Chris asks Kelsey, “Why don’t you pick it up from there from the time that I was like, you two need to be homies?”

( 7:00 ) Chris asks Kelsey, “What would you say the best thing that’s come out of your partnership is between the two of you?”

( 10:35 ) Chris asks Lori, “What do you wish, what skill, what tip, what way of doing business you wish somebody would have shared with you before you started that company?”

( 12:46 ) Chris says, “You can raise capital, and use a small portion of that capital as salary. I think people don’t know that, do they?”

( 16:17 ) Chris asks Kelsey, “What do you wish? What’s the one thing you wish, skill set, lesson, or warning that somebody would have taught you or shared with you before you started?”

( 21:11 ) Chris says, “At the end of the day, getting in front of enough people kind of solves all problems, doesn’t it?”

( 23:41 ) Chris asks Lori and Kelsey, “Where the hell should they go? How did they get this in front of people?”

( 26:00 ) Chris asks Kelsey to explain why the Rexxy approach is different to other marketing methods. 

( 30:16 ) Kelsey says, “The most important thing about the design of this program is the affiliate offers.”

( 33:54 ) Chris asks Kelsey what the solution is to using micro-influencers who don’t have huge audiences. 

( 37:23 ) Chris asks Kelsey and Lori, “Do you have a client success story that used your program, used your process, and actually turned this into a lot of sales?”

( 43:52 ) Chris asks Lori, “If somebody were to get their hands on this playbook, is it going to be confusing? Is it going to take them 10 hours before they see any results? Or is it intuitive and easy to turn on right away?”

( 47:05 ) Chris asks Kelsey, “How much is the investment to get your hands on this playbook?”

( 47:40 ) Kelsey shares that listeners can use the coupon code CHRIS to get the playbook for $497. 

( 48:21 ) Chris asks Lori, “Would this work if someone had a not a physical product, but an e-course or a book or something like that? Could they use these same principles?”

( 50:39 ) Listeners can purchase the playbook and learn more at

( 52:09 ) Chris asks listeners to share the podcast and leave a 5-star review.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The most important lessons that Kelsey and Lori learned from launching their first businesses 
  • What to look for in a business partner 
  • The story behind how they started Rexxy 
  • The shift of the buying power from celebrities and mega influencers to everyday people
  • How to build creative, effective affiliate partnerships 
  • Two major Frameworxx Playbook™ success stories 

Resources Mentioned:

  • Follow Kelsey: @kelsey.eyers 
  • Follow Lori: @lori_lefcourt 
  • Follow Rexxy: @rexxyco
  • To get access to the Frameworxx Playbook™, community, and small group coaching calls for $497 (down from $2,500!), use code CHRIS at checkout:
  • Text DAILY to 310-421-0416 to get daily Money Mantras or Business Perspective messages to boost your day.