How To Save Your Relationship With Keith Yackey


Keith Yackey has achieved massive success in real estate, investments, and coaching, but he hasn’t always been the focused and intentional version of himself that I know today. We discuss two major events that shook up his routine and made him realize that he needed to make major changes. We talk about how he took the leap from being a pastor and got into flipping houses, created a network in the construction industry, and eventually flipped 200 houses in his first two years in the game. 

While Keith fostered an extremely successful career, his role as a husband and father took a backseat, and his wife left him. Instead of giving up, he learned how to love himself and prove to his wife that he could be the man that she needed him to be, and their relationship is now stronger than ever. Keith shares his tips for men who are finding themselves in the position he was in five years ago and the importance of integrity, discipline, and self-respect when it comes to winning your partner back.


Episode Highlights:

( 1:08 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show.

( 1:18 ) Chris introduces Keith and provides some background on who he is. 

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( 5:27 ) Keith joins the conversation. 

( 6:08 ) Keith explains how his mother’s passing impacted his approach to life and business. 

( 8:56 ) Chris asks Keith, “What was the next step? What was the next action that you had to do?”

( 11:31 ) Keith shares that he flipped 200 houses in 2 years. 

( 12:24 ) Keith talks about how his mentor molded his mindset. 

( 13:33 ) Chris asks Keith, “What the hell is the first step to going and raising money?” and “How the hell do you go from just starting to doing 200 homes in two years time?”

( 18:57 ) Chris asks Keith, “You had a second moment in life, where you were going down a not so favorable path in your marriage, and your wife left you. What happened?”

( 21:32 ) Chris asks Keith, “Had you thought you were being a great husband and a great provider up until that very moment?”

( 22:26 ) Chris asks Keith, “What the hell do you do? Do you just accept it? Did you move on?”

( 23:19 ) Keith unpacks how he realized that 95% of the failure of his marriage was his fault. 

( 24:56 ) Chris asks Keith, “What are the signs?”

( 26:51 ) Chris asks Keith, “How did you go about rectifying this?” 

( 29:04 ) Chris asks Keith, “What are the steps that you took?”

( 32:07 ) Chris asks Keith, “Give us real steps to liking ourselves better.”

( 36:42 ) Keith says, “I learned to play for the audience and the respect of one person: myself”

( 38:48 ) Chris asks Keith, “What is your advice for striking this balance between having a successful business and a successful relationship?”

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( 41:00 ) Chris asks Keith, “What’s the telltale sign if he’s checked out and she’s the hard driven one?”

( 42:56 ) Chris asks Keith, “What is something great that you’ve been able to do now that you’ve been so successful in life?”

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How his mother’s passing when he was 28 years old impacted his approach to life and business 
  • How he handled setbacks at the beginning of his real estate venture 
  • Unpacking where his marriage deteriorated 
  • Coming to terms with not living up to his wife’s expectations 
  • The real steps that helped him fall back in love with himself 
  • His experience with doing 75 Hard during the most challenging season of his life 
  • How to find success in business and relationships at the same time

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