How To Be Seen Online To Build Your Brand With Jen Gottlieb


You’ve got a message, a service, a story that the world needs — and our conversation today is all about empowering you to share it. We’re excited to sit down with the remarkable Keynote Speaker Jen Gottlieb, author of Be Seen and co-founder of Superconnector Media. She’s a trailblazer and a testament to the importance of doing the hard stuff, even when it scares you. 

In this episode, Jen shares her journey from being a VH1 actor to a powerhouse entrepreneur, speaker, and author, and the lessons she learned about authenticity along the way. Jen drops some truth bombs for the audience: Building your brand can be a scary and lonely road, but successful people are the ones cheering for you… not the ones tearing you down. We also chat about the power of making strength and joy your main stage for true visibility and the power of presence on social media — Jen sheds light on how you can create impactful content, no budget (or excuse) necessary! 

Listen in for strategies, tips, and the secret sauce for transforming personal hurdles into empowering stages — where your authentic voice and story can deeply connect with the world. And who doesn’t want that? Keep striving for those dreams, so you can show up fully and BE SEEN.


Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

(1:08) Chris welcomes speaker, entrepreneur, and friend Jen Gottlieb! 

(08:10) The realities of fear and embracing bold dreams

(12:43) Jen reflects on the struggle of a fake persona and public perception

(21:46) Jen’s childhood dream: Being a performer (It came true!)

(32:13) Value = creating genuine content, being consistent, and prioritizing simplicity 

(42:35) How influence and audience determine success today

We need to have visibility online — it's an investment when it comes to business.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why you need to BE SEEN to create an impact
  • Jen’s transformation from being an actor to becoming an entrepreneur and public speaker
  • Strategies for introverts to make deep connections at networking events
  • How to adopt a growth mindset and surround yourself with like-minded people
  • The importance of consistent exposure on social media 
  • Tips on repurposing content and maximizing visibility without a budget

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