How To Use LinkedIn To Launch Your Brand With Melissa Henault


I’ll be the first to admit that when I left the corporate world and went all-in on entrepreneurship, I didn’t do it in the most elegant, effective way. Luckily, business experts like Melissa Henault are changing the way that we think about hustle culture, burnout, and sustainable growth. 

Melissa and I recently sat down to talk about how she decided to walk away from her lucrative career as a medical director and pursue her e-commerce business full-time. She describes the calculated, bold moves that lead to her massive success and what she’s doing differently now in this next chapter of her business. We also get into Melissa’s proven best practices for LinkedIn, including what to post, how often you should be engaging with your followers, and how to grow your network.

Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

(1:08) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show. Today, Chris is joined by Melissa Henault. 

(4:42) Melissa joins the conversation. 

(4:59) Chris asks Melissa, “Tell everyone why you’re here in Arizona.”

(5:17) Chris asks Melissa, “Why do you think masterminds are so important to be a part of?”

(7:09) Chris asks Melissa, “Would you take us back through and tell us that story of leaving corporate?”

(10:03) Chris asks Melissa, “When you say you were financially independent, did you have the mindset of being independent of the salary?”

(11:59) Chris asks Melissa, “What did you reconcile in your head to be able to walk away from your career?”

(14:26) Chris asks Melissa, “What did the conversation with your husband really sound like from the beginning?”

(16:40) Chris asks Melissa, “What did it look like in the beginning to build your ecom business?”

(17:52) Chris asks Melissa, “When did you know you wanted to leave your medical director position?”

(20:16) Chris asks Melissa, “How is it that we keep finding ourselves back in these positions? And what can we do about it?”

(22:25) Chris asks Melissa, “What do you do to avoid burnout?”

(25:43) Chris asks Melissa, “What were some healthy choices that you chose to bring your nervous system back down?”

(27:28) Chris asks Melissa, “Has your family noticed a difference in you?”

(28:55) Chris asks Melissa, “When did LinkedIn enter the picture?”

(33:21) Chris asks Melissa, “Talk to me about why you don’t have to have a huge audience to be wildly successful on LinkedIn.”

(37:26) Chris asks Melissa, “If you managed my LinkedIn, what would the messaging be?” 

(39:29) Chris asks Melissa, “Is it better to figure out LinkedIn by yourself? Or is it better to pay an agency to do it?” 

(39:48) Chris asks Melissa, “You’ve got a tool that helps people kind of get the low hanging fruit of it. What is it?”

(40:18) Chris asks Melissa, “Why should I invest 30 minutes a day on this checklist?”

(43:12) Chris asks Melissa, “How long of a shelf life will this LinkedIn exposure have before everybody uses it?”

(46:03) Chris asks Melissa, “How many requests a day should I send on LinkedIn?”

(46:31) Chris asks Melissa, “Is there like the blue checkmark of LinkedIn?”

(48:05) Chris asks Melissa, “What is something generous or kind that you’ve been able to do now that you’ve been so successful?”

(49:08) Chris asks Melissa, “You’re about to kick your mastermind off this week. What’s your wish for them? What do you want them to get out of it this week?”

(49:58) Chris asks Melissa, “Can people still join your mastermind or is it sold out?”

(51:14) Chris asks listeners to share the podcast and leave a 5-star review. 

Why should you be
spending 30 minutes a
day on LinkedIn?
Because the return on
investment is 10x what
you could get on the
other platforms.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why Melissa consistently invests in masterminds 
  • The mindset that will make you truly financially independent for life 
  • Finding creative solutions for you career and family goals 
  • Recognizing the point that you need to recalibrate and shift out of hustle mode 
  • Why LinkedIn is such a game changer, especially for newer entrepreneurs
  • How to strategically repurpose content on LinkedIn 
  • The best ways to start growing your LinkedIn network with your ideal audience

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