How To Make Room For Your Dreams!


You need to shed something big in order to become lighter on your feet, take a few steps back and get that running start to leap to your dreams. I know how hard it can be to turn down a sure income in order to pursue your passions, but you can’t create something extraordinary by sitting on the sidelines and taking ordinary actions. On today’s episode, I’m sharing examples of how Lori, Lewis Howes and I have all overcome the fear of instability in order to realize our biggest dreams and tips for how you can, too. 



( 1:06 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show.

( 2:09 ) Chris shares the inspiration behind today’s episode. 

( 3:10 ) Chris explains what he means by getting a running start to leap to your dreams. 

( 4:43 ) Chris says, “You aren’t taking a leap and you can’t take the leap if you don’t first shed some weight and take some steps back in order to get that running start.”

( 6:59) Chris says, “ Many times, what’s good is the trap and it’ll stop you from getting anywhere near what it takes to be extraordinary.”

( 8:11 ) Chris tells listeners to DM him @chriswharder and share what they need to shed in order to become lighter on their feet. 

( 8:37 ) Chris asks listeners to share the podcast and leave a 5-star review. 

You need to
shed something
big in order
to become
lighter on your

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • What you need to let go of in order to make your dreams come true 
  • Why your current actions aren’t getting you to where you want to be 
  • The trap of security and consistency 
  • Resources for how to get out of your own way

Resources Mentioned:

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