How To Launch Your Million-Dollar App Idea With Jonathan Maxim


Jonathan Maxim is the CEO of K&J Growth Hackers, an agency that specializes in helping new apps get their first users. Besides working with big name apps like TikTok and Triller, Jonathan is also part of the frello team and we’ve been working together for the past year to get my peer-to-peer lending app off the ground. 

In our conversation, Jonathan shares his expert insights on the journey to building an app, the pros and cons of different app models, and how to get started with your idea today. We also talk about the power of polarity and how to increase your risk tolerance in order to make an impact. Plus, Jonathan shares his POV on what’s going on with TikTok as someone who’s seen behind the scenes of that business.


Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

(1:09) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show. Today, Chris is joined by Jonathan Maxim. 

(5:07) Chris asks Jonathan, “With frello, are we moving fast or are we moving slow?”

(6:57) Chris asks Jonathan, “Can you give me a highlight reel of what you and your agency has done in the app and tech world?”

(9:59) Chris asks Jonathan, “How do people know if they should move forward with their app idea or not?”

(11:07) Chris asks Jonathan, “Is it cheaper to do it the no-code way?”

(11:34) Chris asks Jonathan, “What’s the dumbest app idea you have ever heard that turned out to be successful? And what’s the best one you ever came across, but it failed?”

(13:58) Chris asks Jonathan, “What is the least expensive that somebody could start an app effectively with?”

(20:22) Chris asks Jonathan, “Talk to me about some of the best ways to acquire borrowers like we’re going to do.”

(24:29) Chris asks Jonathan, “Talk to someone like me that always wants to grow too big, too fast.”

(26:39) Chris asks Jonathan, “When do you get rich off an app?”

(30:23) Chris asks Jonathan, “Do you think that our type of model where we’re monetizing the transactions right away, does that give us a distinct advantage?”

(45:26) Jonathan asks Chris, “How many people do you think that you’ve impacted through your coaching?”

(49:01) Chris asks Jonathan, “How does someone know when they’re ready to reach out to you?”

(52:03) Chris asks Jonathan, “What’s your take on what’s going on with TikTok right now?”

(53:54) Chris asks Jonathan, “What should TikTok creators be doing to protect themselves right now?”

(54:37) Chris asks Jonathan, “Where can people find you?”

(56:01) Chris asks listeners to share the podcast and leave a 5-star review. 

Don't be afraid to risk
it all. Your worst case
scenario is nowhere
near as bad as what
you imagined it to be.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • What it takes to launch an app 
  • Jonathan’s advice for anyone who thinks they have a million-dollar app idea 
  • Tools for breaking down common barriers to entry, like coding and design
  • Why Jonathan encourages founders to build monetization into their app 
  • The ethos and vision of frello 
  • What content creators should be doing right now to secure their income streams

Resources Mentioned:

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