How To Build An Investable Company w/ Bridgitte Carroll


I’m joined by Bridgitte Carroll, founder and CEO of GutPersonal, a supplement company that empowers everyone to eliminate gut issues for good through a personalized approach. Bridgitte started off her career as an integrative and functional dietitian, transitioned into the coaching space, and is now the leader of one of the most innovative supplement brands on the market. 

We dive into her transition from a service-based to a product-based business, her experience working with strategic investors like Lori and I, and what sets GutPersonal apart from competitors. 

I feel lucky to have witnessed how Bridgitte has built GutPersonal from the ground up. She unpacks some of the biggest mindset blocks that she has had to overcome in order to set herself up for success, including confronting her fear of failure and lack of industry experience. We talk about getting really clear and unapologetic about what your long-term goals are and why short-term sacrifice is always worth it. Bridgette also gives us an inside look into how she’s set up her amazing affiliate program and shares what’s coming up next for the company.

Episode Highlights:

( 1:02 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show. Today, Chris is joined by Bridgitte Carroll. 

( 4:20 ) Bridgitte joins the conversation. 

( 5:35 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “You were actually motivated by somebody else who had red hair that was on the show, will you open by telling that story?”

( 8:08 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “What made you want to become an entrepreneur and shift into being a self-employed RD?”

( 9:00 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “Why did you believe that might not have been for you at first?”

( 9:51 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “Why did you have the fear of not being smart enough?” 

( 11:35 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “Did you have these expanders before you left that job?”

( 13:36 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “Talk to me about this transition from service based company to product based company.”

( 15:01 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “What was it like facing this new challenge of creating products, which is a very expensive endeavor, and making that migration?”

( 17:18 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “Was it scary taking money?” 

( 18:17 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “How did you adjust your expectations?”

( 19;42 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “Explain what the long game is.”

( 22:35 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “Why do you think you were investable?”

( 24:35 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “Having investors actually becomes a superpower to have that added accountability. Have you experienced that?”

( 26:07 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “Give me an example of one thing you’ve been able to do that you would not have been able to do if you’re bootstrapping this yourself.”

( 26:31 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “Who’s someone you were able to hire that you wouldn’t have spent money on that salary if you’re bootstrapping it?”

( 29:08 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “Tell us what sets GutPersonal and some of your products apart from the other gut products that are out there.”

( 32:51 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “Where do you get your networking skills from?”

( 34:58 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “Tell them what my skinny boat products are.”

( 36:40 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “Talk to me a little bit more about gut health.”

( 39:56 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “Tell us what you’re going to do to stay ahead of the game and relevant? What’s coming down the pipeline for GutPersonal?”

( 41:37 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “Give me two or three tips on how you built your affiliate program.”

( 42:59 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “What is something good or great you’ve been able to do for people as a result of your success?”

( 43:42 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “If they want to try out the products, where should they go?”

( 44:48 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “What’s your Instagram?”

( 45:12 ) Chris asks Bridgitte, “What are your closing words for everyone?”

( 46:31 ) Chris asks listeners to share the podcast and leave a 5-star review. 

We get to make a living
I know that
if I'm building
it to sell,
that's what
it will do.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • What an ‘expander’ is and why it’s so important to have those kinds of people in your network 
  • How taking on investors and having that extra layer of accountability can be a superpower 
  • The four criteria that I use to determine if I’m going to invest in a company
  • Why we should all be paying more attention to gut health, especially as entrepreneurs  
  • The power of affiliate programs and having real buy-in from your team 

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