The Feel Good Effect Of Doing Good For Others


This week, I received a magazine from the Wisconsin Maritime Museum celebrating raising 9.5 million dollars to build a tower that houses all sorts of displays for the museum. This just happens to be the tower that my Dad designed and created when he was the President and Chairman of the Board. Until my Dad took that President’s seat it was nothing more than a wish and he turned it into a reality.

I started reading the names of the donors and I realized that my community had donated a ton of money cumulatively to my father’s dream. This is the direct result of building a community of people around you — friends, family, and acquaintances — who work hard to put themselves in a financially advantageous place, then pay it forward without the expectation of anything back.

Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

(0:32) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show in another Money Monday episode.

(1:53) Chris tells listeners a wish his Dad had made and worked for came to completion this week. 

(7:30) Chris says, “To be able to count over 100 names of people in my community that donated to something that meant the world to my father — so that he could leave a lasting legacy — that was the best gift.”

(9:19) Chris gives a huge heartfelt thank you to every listener who donated and promises to always give without agenda, for free, to this community. 

(11:22) Chris asks listeners to share the podcast and leave a 5-star review. 

Never give to get,
but boy, what
a beautiful side
effect of having
a giving heart
is it'll always
somehow boomerang
to lift your
life up as well.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Dedicating time and energy towards making other’s lives better, and the ripple effect it causes for those to pay it forward making life better for others. 
  • Reminding you of my promise that I will always keep putting out tons of free content that will make your life better and easier
  • The core of my message: When good people make good money, they can do great things.

Resources Mentioned:

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