This isn’t the first time I’ve discussed the one thing that can truly unlock what you’re seeking – and that’s giving.

“Giving is the absolute secret to unlock every single thing you want.”

Wherever you are or where you want to be, giving more will ultimately get you there. But what if you’re already giving? My advice? Give more. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not just giving money. Below I’ve listed six areas in which you could possibly give more to.

EFFORT: Perhaps you think you already work hard – and I have no doubt that you do. However, what if some of your current efforts are misguided? What if you focused more on income-producing activities and put more work in your business?

TIME: This encompasses all areas. Could you spend more time with your business partner? Perhaps you could spend more time looking outside of your business or studying/bettering your craft?

MONEY: I often hear that people are stuck on a plateau. If you’re pinching pennies (which isn’t a bad thing), it may be time to give more money to your business. Add that new team member, do more research or take out more ads. Being cheap is smart, but not if it’s stopping your business in its tracks. So get creative and ask for a loan, an investor etc.

RESOURCEFULNESS: No money? No problem. As I just mentioned, get creative. Find an intern who will work for free or next to nothing. Trade favors. Resourcefulness fixes everything.

RESEARCH/PLANNING: The technology and business worlds change rapidly. It’s in your business’s best interest to keep up on your research and give more time to planning ahead as much as possible.

LOVE: Give more love to yourself, your business, your co-workers or business partners. Give love outside of your business – without expectations. Love always comes full circle, and you never know who will be able to help you down the road.

Which area(s) could you give more to?

No matter the answer, giving is the missing piece when it comes to achieving the level of success you want to have. Now, who’s ready to commit to that next level of giving?

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  • The missing link to your success – giving
  • How to give more to get more
  • The six areas where you could possibly give more

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