This Powerhouse Paid off $50k in Debt and Donated $120k in Two Years with Adrienne Dorison


I think a lot of you are going to relate today with my guest and entrepreneur, Adrienne Dorison. Like many, she found herself in a corporate job that was “OK” and paid the bills, but she ended up starting a business/side hustle because she needed to create space in her life for something that she loved. Initially, her goal wasn’t to replace her corporate income, but when the corporation had a problem with her side hustle, she was nudged into it.

At the time, Adrienne was trying to pay off $50K in student loan debt, however without a full-time job, she worried that it would take her forever to pay if off. So, rather than allow her boyfriend (now husband) to pay off her debt for her, she made an aggressive plan to pay it off herself – and give back at the same time.

Adrienne wanted to balance out the negative feelings of shame that came with debt or bad credit and instead made it a feel-good experience. Today, giving is built into her business’s structure – both monetarily and by sharing her experiences. Tune in to hear more about Adrienne’s driven and giving spirit.

Question Highlights:
o Who is Adrienne Dorison?
o What was your transition like from corporate America to entrepreneurship?
o Why did your corporate job have a problem with your blog?
o Why do we stay in bad jobs for so long?
o What was one of your big “crash and burns?”
o What is it like to be the bread-winner of your family?
o What’s your advice to couples who wake up in this position? How do you make it work?
o How did you work giving into your business’s DNA?
o Where does your generosity come from?

Adrienne’s Thoughts…

“I needed to create space in my life for something that I loved.”

“Giving grounds you in what you have.”

“I want to make a lot of money so I can give a lot away.”

“When you earn more, you can give more.”

Adrienne is the CEO of Lean Growth Group, a business operations consultancy that helps companies double their results, with half the effort. Adrienne is a certified LEAN Six Sigma consultant + SCRUM expert trainer from the world of corporate manufacturing, who has created her own proprietary systems + tools specific to small business owners.

Adrienne has helped hundreds of businesses (from Fortune 500 companies to fast-growth start-ups) meaningfully expand profit margins and cut costs in 90 days or less. She understands how to simplify complex business problems and help teams restructure so they can scale to the next level.

Adrienne has been featured in a number of publications including Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and TIME, and she’s personally passionate about helping entrepreneurs earn more to give more. She started her business by getting serious about her debt and paid off over $45,000 of student loan debt in just 6 months, all while giving away money at the same time. Her company has now given away over $120,000 to meaningful causes in less than 2 years, and has empowered and equipped her clients to do the same. Adrienne lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with her husband, Tyler, her Bernese Mountain Dog, Church, and their rescue Terrier, Airy.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Adrienne’s transition from corporate America to entrepreneurship
  • How shame around debt/bad credit led her to donate
  • How she paid of $50K in debt in 6 months (while still giving)
  • How Adrienne made paying off her debt a feel-food experience
  • Spousal communication and balancing feminine and masculine dynamics
  • How Adrienne likes to take action from the place of how she wants to feel
  • Why it’s so important to share what your business gives
  • And so much more…

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