How You Can FIX YOUR MONEY STORY with Peta Kelly


I was so excited to connect with today’s guest serial entrepreneur and author, Peta Kelly, as we hadn’t had a real catch-up in forever. And how amazing is it that it could be timed with her new book, Earth Is Hiring?

Once a self-professed science nerd, Peta followed the pull of her soul into network marketing which soon led to full-on entrepreneurship and she hasn’t looked back since. She’s now made it her mission to help millennials (and anyone else who gives a sh*t), discover The New Way to Live, Lead, Earn and Give.

Listen in to hear how Peta made the conscious decision to change her personal money story in order to align herself with her soul’s purpose, and how you can too. Believe me when I say she makes it sound easy and effortless.

Question Highlights:
• Who is Peta Kelly?
• How did you make the transition from science nerd to serial entrepreneur?
• Do you feel you have the responsibility to create change?
• Of your motto, “The New Way to Live, Lead, Earn and Give,” which do you think is the most important?
• Why are we just now talking about the “New Way” since it’s actually the “old way?”
• What do you mean when you say we’re voting with our spending power?
• How do you feel about money?
• Why do people have such a hang-up with money?
• If someone feels out of alignment with their money story, where can they start doing the work?
• What are we going to learn and discover in your new book?

Peta’s Thoughts…

“Take care of the planet or bust.”

“Our money is never spent. Our money is never asleep.”

“Of everything we have, there is the option to get it in a more conscious way.”

“Take responsibility for your own money story.”

“Real leadership is taking responsibility for your own money story.”

“I don’t worship money, I appreciate it.”

Peta Kelly’s most favourite title is HUMAN AF. She is a conscious entrepreneur, author, speaker and philanthropist. She was recently featured in Forbes Magazine and was just ranked by Inc Magazine in the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs changing the world.

She’s is an unbridled soul and barefoot bandit on a mission to unleash the jeaniius of GenY’s globally.
She dropped being a PhD science nerd at the age of 22 and went on the pursuit of that ‘thing’ that was calling her higher. That’s when she found her first business pursuit in network marketing and She became a 7 figure a year earner in Isagenix by the age of 26. Her network marketing journey led her to her bigger, more global soul work and now she’s building a global enterprise, Jeaniius – a global hub of nakedly brilliant people, mobilized to create change for our planet through conscious enterprise and magical collaborations.

Peta teaches the new way to live, lead, earn and give and what excites her the most is bringing her brilliant, badass generation together as one team and one family so that we can gift our planet and our kiddies, an environment where they can thrive. Peta is an angel gifter and a silent investor, and thrives on expanding the cycle of abundance and contribution, especially when it allows young people to kick ass in their endeavors. A millennial with a love of millennials, Peta speaks on global stages, barefoot, to tens of thousands of people, and to millions through her various platforms, sharing visionary messages of conscious living to move hearts and minds to what’s possible.

Self-described as an alien, a “vessel” for what needs to flow through her, Peta is the creator of The New Way Live, Jeaniius and The Supercharged and she’s got her first book on the way in early 2018.
Peta was recently featured on The Rise Up movie with Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Danielle LaPorte, Gabby Bernstein, Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins, The Dalai Lama and more.

She’s a new Mum to her beautiful daughter Sol and has now found a new supersized passion for empowering women to create a beautiful pregnancy and birth experience.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How millennials are using The New Way to Live, Lead, Earn and Give
  • How Peta went from science nerd to entrepreneur
  • Why network marketing businesses are like training wheels for entrepreneurship
  • What it means to take radical responsibility
  • The importance of raising your vibration
  • Why businesses need to upgrade their practices to support the earth if they want to survive
  • Why money acts as a teammate
  • The importance of getting in alignment with your soul, mission and money
  • How to get in alignment with your money story
  • About Peta’s new book, Earth Is Hiring
  • And so much more…

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