Eight Words That Cripple Your Success


Words are more powerful than we realize, but today I’m going I’m specifically highlighting eight words that may be crippling your success. We all use them without realizing it and often don’t even intend to use them.

So let’s start 2018 right and kick the following words out of our vocabulary and watch as you see an uptick in your success.

• TRY – You’ll either do something or you won’t. By saying “try” you’re already building in an excuse. Do or do not – those are your choices.

• MAYBE – By using this word, you’re telling others that you have no intent on following through, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed. Make this the year of YES or NO – period.

• SOON – This instantly puts something off until “later.” This word is also a wake-up call you’ve committed to too many things and you must cut what’s not serving you.

• POSSIBLY – The word says, “if I feel like it, I’ll do it.” You’re not fully committed to anything and you’re feeling overbooked and stressed. Make a commitment.

• IF – If means you’re putting a condition on following through and that doesn’t make you an ideal business partner.

“Nobody wants to be on the other side of your if.”

• BECAUSE – This word acts as a justifier – and excuse. “I can’t meet with that person because…” You shouldn’t have to talk endlessly about why you can’t.

“YES and NO are complete sentences.”

• WANT – This is probably the most important word to kick to the curb… The word indicates lack and if you’re a frequent listener, you know we shoot for abundance. Using this word means there’s a disconnect between what you want and what you desire.

“Things only appear once you know how to make them certain.”

• LUCKY – Last but still impactful, simply put I don’t believe in luck, I believe in good fortune. And using this word puts you in a powerless position.

There you have it! Do you notice these words used frequently in your day-to-day interactions? If so, share with me on IG (@chriswharder) and let me know what you’ll replace them with!

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