How to Create an Abundant Holiday


With the holidays and the season of giving upon us, I felt it was only fitting to talk about abundance and how abundance can affect us throughout them. For a good portion of people, the holidays can be super stressful – especially when there’s worry around paying for the gifts they want to buy. But here’s the thing, when we worry we send the message of lack out into the universe and we’re looking for abundance.

Just as a refresher, when you have a mindset of abundance you are attracting more and more wealth and good things in your life. And on the opposite side, when you have a lack mindset, you’re pushing away all of those abundant things. So when there is stress around how you will pay for gifts, travel, family gatherings etc., you are actually inviting more struggle into your life. And we don’t want that! So this year I challenge you to reframe all of this.

“Break free from the feeling of lack and get back into the good feelings that the holidays are meant for.”

Now I get it, if you’re comfortable with the traditional gift-giving – keep doing it! But if you observe your feelings and thoughts around this time of year and you come up with feelings of lack, then speak up! Maybe it’s time to switch your definition of giving.

For example, my family decided a few years back to forego traditional gifts (we had a tendency to go overboard) and instead rent a cabin, give our time and enjoy the experience of it.

“It’s more about the experience than the gifts.”

Just think…what could you give that would create the same feelings of receiving a gift that isn’t something you can buy? Think non-traditional gift ideas could such as the gift of your time, energy, skillset or creativity – the list is endless. Regardless of what you choose, let’s:

“Practice abundance, not stress, for the holidays.”

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • What the differences are between an abundance and lack mindset
  • How Chris switched up his family’s holiday traditions
  • Alternative ways you can give to your family and friends

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