How GOOD SEX Can Make You MORE MONEY with Jaiya


Today’s interview with somatic sexologist, Jaiya, is one of the most fascinating and enlightening interviews I’ve had to date. While the topic of sexuality is somewhat taboo in our society, she uses it has a common thread in everyone’s lives that links to not only success in relationships but in business as well.

By getting to know your body and how those feelings also affect your mind, your life will be taken to a whole new level. Be sure to tune in (and take the quiz at the link below), to discover what your Erotic Blueprint tells you about your sexuality and how you can incorporate that pleasure into success.

Question Highlights:
• How do you explain what it is you do?
• Was there fear of judgment or anyone who tried to hold you back when you expressed interest in sexuality?
• How should families be welcoming this topic of sexuality when kids discover it at a young age?
• Why are sex, money and abundance such taboo topics in our society?
• How can we use sexuality to create more success and income?
• What are the five different Erotic Blueprints?
• Does one of the five Erotic Blueprints have more of a trend of being more successful financially?
• What methods do you use to help clients create breakthroughs?
• What fears/blocks did you have when building a business around sexuality?
• Who do you feel suffers the most with poor sexual health – men or women?
• Do you ever feel like people take you less seriously as an entrepreneur because of your subject matter?
• Why would your online course be beneficial for someone wanting to improve their success?
• And more…

Jaiya’s Thoughts…

“I don’t just teach sexuality, I teach people how to be more alive and live a life of ecstatic; how to live a life that goes beyond upper limiting.”

“Money and sexuality go hand in hand.”

“Pleasure is a resource.”

“When we have pleasure and our sexuality is fed, we actually feel like everything is right in the world.”

“Sexuality isn’t just this thing that you do, it’s fundamentally a part of who we are.”

“You’re normal. You’re not broken. And you’re absolutely enough.”

“The vision of contribution to others drives me to move forward.”

An internationally recognized, award-winning sexologist and best-selling author,
Jaiya is the creator of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ and the Erotic Blueprint™ Quiz!
Jaiya is also the author of 4 books including “Red Hot Touch” and “Cuffed, Tied and Satisfied.” Jaiya’s mission is to help people like you claim your desires and gain access to erotic ecstasy. Sex techniques are no guarantee of orgasmic bliss. Sex techniques don’t create lasting passion and sexual satisfaction. In fact, using the wrong technique on the wrong person can create turn off, shutdown and possibly even traumatic response.
So, what’s the answer? How do you keep the fire alive and experience sexual fulfillment?
For over 2 decades of practice as a Somatic Sexologist and Sexological Bodyworker Jaiya immersed herself in the study of turn-on, ancient erotic rituals, tantric sex, mastery of sensual touch, pure erotic play, kinky dynamics, and the biology and psychology of attraction and sexual fulfillment. Through observation and clinical research she discovered a map of arousal that reveals your specific erotic language of orgasmic delight, a revolutionary framework for deep sexual satisfaction. She discovered we all have a unique Erotic Blueprint.™

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • What a somatic sexology means
  • Ways to help families teach kids what is appropriate as opposed to being bad
  • About the link between shame and sexuality
  • Ways to utilize sexual energy for success to help change and shift belief systems
  • How Jaiya’s self 90-day challenge helped her triple her income
  • Why the topics of sex, money and abundance are considered taboo in our society
  • About the importance of pleasure that brings aliveness and joy
  • What alive sexuality means
  • About Jaiya’s five Erotic Blueprints and how they differ
  • How acknowledgement and taking ownership helps you shift
  • Why we must own and honor who we are
  • Why it’s imperative that you find your why and mission
  • Why it’s so important to have freedom in self-expression and feeling safe to be the sexual being that you are
  • About the correlation between financial stress, sexuality and relationships
  • And so much more…

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