The REAL Reason 95% of Businesses Fail


So, why do so many businesses fail, or more to the point, why do so many not even get off the ground? It may surprise you to know that often it’s not because it’s a bad business. It’s not because it’s a bad idea or product, and it’s not because the person isn’t a good “business person.”

“The reason 95% of all businesses fail is because everyone is allowed to call themselves an entrepreneur without actually acting like an entrepreneur.”

So many people seem to think that being an entrepreneur is this fun, romantic and energizing endeavor – like a magical entrepreneurial movie. But it’s actually quite the opposite. It’s gritty, dirty, scary and downright uncomfortable at times. Entrepreneurship consumes your life.

“You don’t build a business in your spare time, you build your business all the time.”

If you’re not willing to do that, your business and your entrepreneurial career isn’t likely to go too far. It’s all about going that extra mile. You ask for help. You face rejection over and over. You have to learn what you don’t already know to reach your goals.

True entrepreneurs do all the above (and more). And when they do, their business success follows.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why so many businesses don’t even get off the ground
  • Why even good businesses fail
  • About the traits necessary to be an entrepreneur

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