If You Just Had FAITH – A True Story


Today I want to talk about having faith and how it ties to abundance. Faith is no small thing. It truly has the power to make or break different situations in your life. If you believe it will happen, it will happen.

You don’t have to know the how or the where… you just have to know. It’s acting on something even when you’re scared because you know abundance is out there.

My trainer, Abe, recently had a faith-testing situation. He hadn’t had a vacation in five years and desperately wanted to unplug with a month-long trip in Bali. But of course there was fear around it. Obviously a vacation like that is a lot of money, but on top of that, he wouldn’t be getting paid for that entire month while he was away. Long story short, Abe booked the vacation on faith.

“I had faith that the finances would work out.”

And they did! Abe’s finances appeared seemingly out of the blue. Here’s how abundance showed up for him… I hired him to train me 3-4 sessions a week. Plus, he received a surprise bonus and had the busiest month of his career the month before he left. Long story short? Abe came back from his trip fully rested and more abundant than ever.

Now, I’ve oversimplified the ease at which this all happened, because after all, faith is not intuitive to our brains. Our brains send out the emergency flares any time fear starts creeping in to keep us safe. But this is the exact spot where we need to interrupt those thoughts and do the opposite – no matter how uncomfortable it makes us.

“Just because it doesn’t feel intuitive doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.”

Let blind faith lead you. Don’t let fearful thoughts get in the way. Abundance only happens when you truly feel the faith at your core.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How one man acted on faith and attracted abundance
  • Why you don’t have to know the “how” or “where” in all situations
  • Why it’s so important to have faith to attract abundance

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