The King of FREE Media Spots, and Working With Your Spouse with Keith Miller


Keith grew up in a Chicago suburb and attended college at Drake University when he landed his fist internship in radio at KISS FM in Chicago..

Since then, Keith finished school and moved to Cincinnati where he worked on a radio show that was heard in 15 different cities, daily. He got tired working for a large radio company and found an amazing job at Hubbard Broadcasting in Minneapolis, where he worked for 5 years.

While in radio, Keith got to meet & hang out with big names like, 50 Cent, Nick Leshay, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Rob Thomas, Jewel and his date to the company Christmas party one year was the cast of the Real World Las Vegas!. He fell in love, got a Bernese Mountain dog named Roxy, got married, and then Keith and his wife decided to open a doggy daycare in 2008…

That was an instant success, and in 2011 they took another leap and opened Bubbly Paws which is a self-service dog washing/grooming salon which now has 3 (and growing) locations in the Minneapolis area. The focus of both businesses was to make sure they provided and amazing service, but also gave back to the pet community.

Keith and his wife are actively involved in the day to day operations of each business, and they now have a 13 month old son!

Not feeling completely fulfilled in his radio career, Keith decided to take a leap of faith into something new. From radio DJ to business owner, him and his wife have made it successfully in the entrepreneur world.

“In radio, we would pre-record each episode. Basically all that did for me, was teach me how to be a great liar and BS my way through each day.”

Like many others who have dreams to start their own business, Keith’s biggest fear was failure. But with a year full of strategic planning, they finally decided to quit their mundane jobs and open a doggy daycare!

Keith and his wife are the epitome of entrepreneurs. They first THOUGHT and VISUALIZED their dream, took MASSIVE ACTION even before they were ready, and finally made a dream their reality.

“Writing my first rent check for $10,000 especially during the recession and only having one client was scary, but you just need to do it!”

Having no idea where the business would take them today, they both still took the leap of faith, knowing there had to be more to live then their previous situation.

Becoming insane with their marketing and advertising ideas, the doggy daycare has been mentioned even through Fed Ex’s National campaign and QuickBooks!

“We didn't just want to open a business, we wanted to give back and have fun with it!”

As we all know, having a successful business means having A1 customer service. Keith’s doggy day care has blown competitors out of the water, with their love for the customer and their pets (of course).

With the natural drive for money, Keith’s passion has paid off, and then some!

“I’ve always been told, “You can take the dollar and spend it or you can save it,” I always saved it.”

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