From Family Farm to the Big Stages; The Man PAID to See the TRENDS in Business


My interview with Seth today is basically just an inside look (listen) into our real-life daily conversations. Our double-date dinners and hangouts 100% of the time consist of business talk and motivational advice.

For those of you who are “new” to Seth, he is a jack of all trades. He researches, writes and speaks on workforce trends, generational dynamics and marketplace shifts. His work is truly phenomenal.

Just like us good-hearted, Mid-West boys, Seth comes from a rural town in Minnesota, raised on a 4th generational farm. He is the prime example of not judging a book by its cover. Now extremely well dressed and thriving in the big city of LA, Seth still reminisces on his upbringing and is “thankful everyday for where he came from.”

“I like to compare speaking to large crowds, to athletes. No matter how many games you have played in, you always have the pre-game jitters. The nervous excitement of wanting to do well.”

His business experience and speaking tips are invaluable, even for those of us who have been on a stage countless times but especially for those who haven’t WANTED to be on stage, but have been too fearful to take the leap.

“Just remember to freakin’ have fun or else why are you doing it?”

He makes it clear how important it is to show up for yourself and for those you are trying to serve, every single day in some sort of way, whether it be large or small. He reminds us that you must put the work in, even when there is no fanfare so that it pays off when its time for the limelight.

If you don’t show up in the Spring and bust your butt in the Summer, there will be no harvest in the Fall.

His advice is moving and should inspire enough to make anyone want to become their own entrepreneur. The freedom it brings is life changing…literally.

Seth also touches on the harsh reality (that we are all guilty of) of the time we spend consumed in social media or Netflix for example, when we could be focusing our attention and time on the things that will accomplish our goals and dreams.

“Love people, serve people, add value & have fun.”

Not only is he completely ingenious when it comes to business and entrepreneurship but is just an awesome and an amazingly well-redounded guy. I am honored to have interviewed Seth and to also call him a friend.

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