Part 3 of 5: New Trends That Every Entrepreneur Needs For 2022


Today, we’re digging into text marketing, truly the next big thing. It’s been on the rise for a while, but in 2022, it is going to absolutely explode. You do not want to miss the chance to ride this wave. 

I know you’ve heard me talk about text marketing before, but I promise you it’s still early in the game. That said, if you don’t act quickly to work it into your strategy, you’re going to lose that first mover advantage and risk falling behind in an area where business people and brands are moving faster every day. 

Why texts? Well, raise your hand if you’ve been pushed to start an email list since the moment you started a business. That is still important, but think about it; open rates are dropping like flies. People are reading fewer emails and checking their inboxes with less urgency. It’s a dying medium, like many communication tools before it.

Meanwhile, 90% of all texts sent are opened within the first three minutes. Talk about urgency! And conversion rates are even higher. Tune in to hear the proof in the statistics.

To make text marketing work, you have to think about the long game. Keep your asks to a minimum and provide a ton of value in return. As a starting point, provide twenty pieces of free content for every ask, or pitch, you make to your text list. Why so lopsided? While conversion rates are high, text messaging is a sacred space. People will jump ship if they don’t think you’re giving them a good reason to subscribe.

Get ahead of the game while you have the chance and take 2022 by storm with text marketing.

Released as a mini series, this is the third episode covering trends that I see changing the landscape of business in 2022 and moving forward. I kicked things off by talking about how the online marketing space is getting overcrowded, making it tougher to earn a customer. Last week, I explained why we’re going to see a massive move away from Facebook and Instagram ads. 

There are
so many ways
to tip
the law of reciprocity
in your favor.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why you need to adopt text marketing NOW
  • The stats behind texting
  • Playing the long game by providing value

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