This Attachment Could Be Holding You Back!


One thing that’s holding you back is an attachment to permanency. Believing that you’re supposed to find a great job and stay with that company forever, or you meet a partner and stay together forever, or you plant roots and stay in the same city forever. When you’re not attached to permanency, you’re allowed to dabble, to experiment, to try new things and see if they are right for you. And it’s only through that experimentation that you find what works best.

When you’re worried that you’re holding yourself back from making decisions because you feel attached to the permanency of your current situation, even if it’s making you unhappy, it’s time to start asking yourself some questions. First, “What’s the worst that could happen if I make a new decision?” Oftentimes, that worst case scenario is the exact same situation you’re in now, so don’t be afraid of making a new decision when the outcome might be the same as no decision at all – it could be so much better.

Many times we’re afraid of losing the good things about where we’re at now if we make a different decision. Maybe you’re afraid of losing your friends or your favorite restaurant. But what if you got really intentional, took inventory of what you loved, and made a focused effort to do those things (or similar) in a different situation? It’s possible to preserve the good while making even more room for new greatness.

So stop focusing so much on permanency. Life isn’t meant to be that way. If something isn’t serving you in the way that it could, try something new. Be intentional, focus on maintaining what you already have, and keep changing things to get even better.

Ask yourself:
what’s the worst
that can happen?

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The downside of being attached to permanency
  • Asking “What’s the worst that could happen?”
  • Changing direction when you’re going the wrong way

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