Four Things We Do to Stay Excited About Creating Abundance


When you talk unapologetically about money, you attract more of it in your life. However, the reality is that feeling comfortable even excited – when talking about money is practice. I’m going to share four things that Lori and I do to stay really excited about money in order to attract as much abundance as possible.

The things we’re exposed to throughout the day can really throw a wrench in your plans. You may wake up believing that you’re going to crush the day, only for outside forces to, instead, crush your hopes as the day goes on. You have to protect your mood. You have to counteract those negative forces to stay excited about the quest for money. You’re not always going to be excited, but there are things you can do to bring that feeling back.

One thing Lori and I do is what we call “Dream Dates.” No, this isn’t some magical trip. We get together and tell each other our wildest dreams. It lets you live your dream in your head and makes you feel like you’re there. When you can visualize the outcome, it’s easy to get motivated for the process.

Another strategy is listening to the success stories of others. Books, movies, podcasts, you name it. When you hear stories about others’ successes, the more you’ll believe it’s possible for you too. Knowing that someone else can do it makes it that much easier to believe you can do it too.

We also surround ourselves with really nice things and visit nice places constantly. When you raise your expectation of standards, you also raise the expectations of your own performance. It reminds you that the effort is worth it.

Lastly, we stay consistently generous. It doesn’t matter the size of the gesture – what matters is that it is consistent. The more you give, the more you get that dopamine hit from sharing. And when you feel that, you’ll want to create more abundance for yourself so that you can give more.

That’s what we do to stay excited about money, and it works. We are constantly being faced with challenges, but when we do these four things we still end up flying high in the end. If you do them too, both prosperity and generosity are going to be abundant in your life.

When we talk
about money,
we invite more of it
into our life.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why it’s important to stay excited about money
  • Going on “Dream Dates”
  • Listening to success stories
  • Surrounding yourself with nice things
  • Staying generous consistently

Resources Mentioned:

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