The Four Riches & How to Truly Measure Success


How do you measure success? First, let’s acknowledge something important: there is a massive difference between being rich and being successful. “Successful” is a very subjective and polarizing term. To some people, being healthy and happy and having a loving family is the definition of success. But someone else might disagree. That may not be enough – or even a part of – success to them. The word means something different to everyone.

Regardless of how you define it, success is one thing we all want. To know the difference between wealthy and successful, it’s important to understand the four riches:

  • Money rich
  • Time & experience rich
  • Impact rich
  • Relationship rich

No one of these is enough to make you truly successful on its own. Having a lot of money doesn’t guarantee that you’re successful – in fact, having a lot of money usually comes at the expense of something else. Being experience rich may look impressive, but sometimes the people with the best looking Instagram accounts are also wondering where their rent is going to come from every month. The people who are impact rich are often taking care of everyone else but themselves. And relationship rich, while being one of the most important riches out there, still isn’t enough to make you successful if you neglect the other areas.

Knowing this, how do you define success? To be successful, you need to have accumulated a significant amount of wealth in all four of the riches. That is success. You can measure your success in each of these areas, so quantify it. Rate yourself in each of the categories on a scale of 1-10 and, if you score at least a 36/40, you can consider yourself successful.

To be rich
in money alone
does not make you

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Defining success
  • The four riches that contribute to success
  • Mathematically measuring success

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