497. How to Make Your Big Dreams Come True Faster


I know you have big, audacious dreams. That’s why you’re here. But the missing piece is: how do you make those dreams happen – and fast? I see it happen all the time, and I’m going to share what I know about making those dreams come true in record time.

One of the things holding you back from achieving your dreams is not enough people knowing what they are. Many of you are just one or two introductions away from the person who can make your dreams come true. You can’t do it alone… but other people can do it for you and with you.

Let’s look at Charlie Rocket as an example. He created an entire brand called Dream Machine where he travels around the world making dreams come true. But he doesn’t do it alone; he can’t fund everything he does himself, so instead, he shares his dream loud and proud to the world. It was because he cared more about his dream than how ridiculous it might sound that he shouted it from the rooftops.

If you’re not sharing your dream right now, it’s probably because you’re afraid someone is going to steal your idea. But it’s not the idea that’s valuable; it’s the execution that matters. Or you might be afraid that someone is going to judge it. You can’t expect people to feel the same way about your dream as you do, so brush off the judgment and prove them wrong. Or you’re actually afraid of your dream coming true and changing everything. None of those reasons are valid enough. The truth is, if you’re letting those stop you, you’re just not sold on your dream enough.

If you’re ready for your dream, this is what you can control:

  • Where you tell it
  • How many people you tell it it
  • How often you tell it
  • How loudly you tell it
  • How passionate you are telling it
  • How long you’ve been telling it

Deep down, people want to play the hero. Give them that chance by sharing with the world loud, often, and passionately. When you share your dreams faster, they get granted faster. It’s that simple.

You could be
one introduction away
from the person who can
make your dreams come true.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The importance of sharing your dream
  • Getting support from others
  • How to accelerate your dreams

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