Six Valuable Lessons From Wealthy, High Performing Couples


Something I’ve learned is that it’s impossible to spend a week in a house with other high-performing couples without coming home with opportunity on the brain. I recently did just that and, even though you weren’t there in that house with me, I want to share some of the lessons I learned and places where I plan to take action, so that you can join me in growing. From strategic discussions at dinner to spontaneous, late night conversations, I’m going to share the top six things I learned.

  1. You have to continue to plug yourself into inspiration. Go to the best restaurants, see the best clothing, the best houses, the best cars, or take the best trips. You need to remind yourself that there’s a next level out there.
  2. No one gets rich alone. Most people start their journey that way, but nobody gets to the top without building incredible teams.
  3. Becoming wealthy isn’t just about what you make; it’s about what you keep.
  4. The biggest earners are also the biggest givers. Earning for yourself can be a powerful motivator, but, when you’re earning to give to others, you’ll run through a wall to keep going.
  5. You have to have multiple income sources and some of it has to be scalable and passive.
  6. Every successful couple I met made more money during the pandemic than ever before and is extremely optimistic about where the economy is headed.

This is the greatest economy of our lives. Now is the time to make money, plant seeds, and create as much wealth as possible. Using these lessons, someday you’ll be in those rooms sharing your wisdom and coming away with your own powerful epiphanies.

If you’re not
a giver,
you can’t be
a getter.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Staying inspired to earn
  • Building teams
  • Keeping your hard-earned money
  • Flexing your giving muscle
  • Building scalable passive income
  • Taking advantage of this economy

Resources Mentioned:

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