Is It OK to Want More?


Should you feel guilty for wanting more? As I continue my cross country roadtrip in my RV, I find myself looking at other buses and wanting to upgrade. For context, my current bus is very nice. I love it. And there’s a little guilt around wanting more than that when what I already have is great. Is it out of hand to always want the grass to be greener in every area of life? Or is this drive to constantly top ourselves an important and healthy part of being a person?

I say, “Yes.” It’s OK to want more. Ever since we were newborns, we’ve wanted more. When we were crawling, we saw other people walking and said “I want to do that” and we’d work towards it until we finally did what it took to achieve our goal. We are always on a quest for more.

The problem comes when you deny your desire for more when you feel it in your core and push it down, anyway. Now you’re causing an incongruence. You’re ignoring your internal instincts and that’s rarely a good thing.

Without the drive for more, everything would come crashing down. It’s what pushes us to invent. It’s what pushes us to create. It’s what pushes us to launch businesses (and jobs) that boost the economy. So honor that drive for more.

Heed the call for more.
Don’t be ashamed of it.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Whether it’s OK to want more
  • When more becomes a problem
  • Honoring your natural drive

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