Make Work + Life More Fun


How can you make life more fun? Even when you feel like you’re living good, there are often too many days that end with you feeling exhausted and like you didn’t get to have enough fun. We often say, to change your life, you have to change the questions you ask yourself. So ask yourself this: What would life look like if it were more fun?

To be fair, I think we have a fun life already. Having a daily gratitude practice helps to keep that in focus. But things can always be better. And making things better doesn’t mean you have to change everything. Sometimes you just need to be way more conscious about focusing on it.

Here are some true and tested ways that you can make your life more fun:

  1. Give what you want first
  2. Set the environment
  3. Change the environment
  4. Build in mini-breaks
  5. Learn to compartmentalize and enjoy the moment

Subtle changes
to your environment
can make
a big difference.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Giving what you want first
  • Setting the environment for fun
  • Change your environment
  • Building in mini-breaks
  • Living in the moment

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