Three Great Small Business Stories! – with Jim Carter, Kelly Kussman, & Jillian Murphy


We’re going to look at three people who are right in the middle of their small business journey: Jim Carter, who founded a tech agency, Jillian Murphy, who founded a sales coaching agency, and Kelly Kussman, the founder of Cayla Grey candles and scents. I ask them all of the questions that you want to know such as why they got started, why they decided to be an entrepreneur, what the best and toughest parts have been, and how they stand out when there are other people already doing what they do.


Question Highlights:

  • Why did you become an entrepreneur when you could easily be making multiple six figures with jobs?
  • What’s the best part and toughest part of being an entrepreneur?
  • How do you manage through the fear of putting money upfront?
  • How did you find your unique operating proposition?

Success is
90% mindset.
The rest is
doing the work.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Using the security of a job to help develop your business
  • The best and worst parts of entrepreneurship
  • Working through the fear
  • Making your business unique
  • Asking for help

Resources Mentioned:

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