Successful People Do These 5 Things


We’ve worked with many successful people over our careers, and many of them go on to achieve even greater success. Meanwhile, some people continue to struggle in their businesses, never quite reaching their full potential. The thing is that what people struggle with seems to be universal: We hear it all again and again. We’ve identified the common traits that set apart those who succeed from those that struggle.

If you can embrace these five traits of successful entrepreneurs, it can quickly shift your results for the better.


Enthusiasm and passion

Enthusiasm doesn’t mean being loud and bubbly in public — though, honestly, that can help. It means that when you describe your product, when you do your marketing, or when you tell someone what you do, people can feel the passion in you. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t worry: enthusiasm is a muscle you can build. So get pumping.


Messy action

Time is your most valuable asset. You don’t need to know everything before you start. As long as you have some idea of what you are doing, you can figure out the rest as you go if you are just taking action. And chances are, you’ll learn it even faster.


Unapologetic asker

Many people are so focused on providing value to others. That’s great! But how would you provide value if you never knew what people needed? Let’s flip it around. How great would it make other people feel to know that they are providing you with something you value? That’s right: fantastic.



Collaboration is the shortcut to success. Collaboration in your business, your social media, and your marketing will fast-track you to success. Focus on networking and partnerships and help others grow while helping yourself. Instead of looking up to the titans in your industry, look to the people at your level and you can all level up together.



Statistics show that people have to see your offer 7-8 times before deciding to buy from you. With how hard it is to reach people, you need to take action daily if you want people to see you enough.

You can learn all of these on your own. You don’t need anything to start doing these things.

It’s not enough
to be good
at what you do.
has to be there.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Showing enthusiasm and passion
  • Taking messy action
  • Getting comfortable with asking for help
  • Collaborating for success
  • Showing up consistently, even when things are hard

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