The Humbleness Sweet Spot!


Social media tends to do one of two things: it makes us brag and show off way too much — which turns people off — or it makes people so afraid to show up and be judged that they hide everything that they’re doing. Being humble to a fault doesn’t do anyone any good.

We’ve all seen those people that are posting pictures of themselves in lamborghinis or next to their private jets, showing off how luxurious their lives are and selling you a lifestyle that they probably aren’t even living themselves. This runs rampant on social media and it creates the impression that people with money are all conceited. This causes people to not pursue the wealth they deserve because they don’t want to be perceived that way.

That brings us to the other side of the coin. Some people are just way too humble when it comes to money. They don’t show anything online because they don’t want to be judged — for what they have or what they don’t. They mean well, but they miss out on the opportunity to inspire others and give them someone to look up to, to show them what level of success is possible and the work involved to make it happen.

This leads us to finding the “humbleness sweet spot.” Being able to show people what’s possible, inspiring others, but not doing it in a way that’s embarrassing or paints success in a bad way. We should all strive for finding this spot, because it’s by no means easy to judge. You’ll make mistakes — I know I have. But when we find that spot, we can all do great things.

Don’t judge
another man's carrot
if it gets them inspired
to do great things.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The two types of people on social media
  • Finding the humbleness sweet spot
  • The 50/50 rule
  • Not judging others motivations

Resources Mentioned:

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